Reduce carbon footprints by understanding how your fleet impacts the world around us.

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A greener future

At BlueArrow Telematics we care about leaving our planet better than we found it. That is why sustainability is one of our key priorities. We offer various options and alternatives to analyze and lower the toll on the environment. From emission reduction to presenting analysis and improvements for electric vehicles, BlueArrow provides you with opportunities to make the world a little more green.

Managing fuel consumption

Understand and discourage poor fuel usage. Measure and monitor key metrics including idling times and accelerations that emit an abundance of CO2. Side-by-side comparisons allow managers to oversee relevant driver data. For many fleets, effective and efficient routing can be utilized to lower drive times. Greater awareness and operational efficiency combine to do our part in softening our impact on the environment.

Adult driving car with data overlay

EV Suitability Test

Think EV is right for you? Unsure which make or model is the best fit? Want to understand the pricing and mileage? Then take the electric vehicle suitability assessment (EVSA). The assessment helps pair fleets with the ideal electric vehicle based on a multitude of factors. Go take the EVSA and start lowering your carbon footprint.

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EV Fleet Management

Coordinate and implement electric vehicles into your fleet. Achieve insights into performance and energy usage from your fleet’s EV. Consider ideal charging times and locations to help get the most out of your fleet. Take advantage of the premium EV fleet management service with BlueArrow powered by Geotab.

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SmartCharge Rewards

As more and more people are becoming aware and interested in sustainable practices, the number of EV drivers is increasing. SmartCharge Rewards is a reward system built for drivers. The program helps them visualize and understand their effect on the environment and their vehicles. It also aids utility managers in adopting the recent spike of EVs to the grid. 

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