Towing Industry Solutions

Utilize data-driven metrics to enhance how you do towing.

Enhanced Capabilities with Telematics

Make a move and enhance your towing business. Telematics has the power to transform your towing fleet. With features such as active tracking and monitoring, managers can ensure the right vehicle gets to the right destination. The possibilities are endless through useful insights and creative reports that help maximize your profitability and minimize your overhead.

Protect Your Fleet with Dashcam Evidence

Although any fleet management strategy will have a high emphasis on reducing accidents, the potential for them still exists. In the event of an accident or other loss due to causes like theft, dashcams provide you with solid video evidence for insurance or legal purposes. In addition to preventing extra expenses from asset loss, you can make data-driven decisions to save your company money. Dashcam solutions empower you to make concrete adjustments to routes or driver training with objective evidence of driving events.

Complete Compliance

Gain an all-seeing eye over your fleet in order to enforce company policies and regulations.

Flexibility and Expandability

We offer a number of unique solutions and customizable Add-Ons to make sure you have the right solution for your business.

Route Optimization

Save time and money on the roads with route optimization to save the most time and money.

HAAS Alert

Protect the drivers of your fleet with Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert. Safety Cloud provides the industry-leading digital alerting solution working to keep everyone in your fleet safe. The solution provides alerts to drivers telling drivers to slow down or move over. These alerts have been shown to reduce the risk of collision by up to 90%. Safeguard your fleet with Safety Cloud.

safety cloud

BlueArrow Fuel Integration

We understand idling vehicles are very common in a towing fleet, mainly when picking up or dropping off towed vehicles. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for reducing your fuel costs and verifying your fleet’s fuel usage. We’ve developed a concise and easy-to-use integration to provide you with a useful view of fuel card transactions. BlueArrow Fuel can also alert you to unnecessary expenses caused by filling vehicles too often. Schedule a demo today to learn how you can leverage the BlueArrow Fuel integration to save on your fuel costs while also lowering maintenance expenses.

Save Money by Promoting Fleet Safety

You may be surprised to see how much fleet safety can impact your bottom line. Click below to find out three easy ways you can start maximizing profits by ensuring fleet safety.

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