Trucking Telematics

Stay connected to drivers with adaptability, expandability, and more BlueArrow has to offer.

Comprehensive fleet visibility

In the trucking industry, your fleet can be widespread, sometimes thousands of miles apart. Knowing where your fleet is vital to a successful operation. Partnering with BlueArrow you get more than just simple GPS tracking, you obtain complete fleet visibility. Know exact times for arrivals and departures and easily track mileage for your whole fleet. Start learning how telematics can improve your fleet today.

Solutions that lower costs

Understand fuel consumption for your trucks and monitor their usage. Utilize active supervision over engine issues or vehicle fault codes. Save money by reducing downtime spent on maintenance and keep your trucks moving. Optimize routing to conserve time. Increasing productivity, saving time, and lowering fuel costs is possible with BlueArrow Telematics.

ELD Compliance

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) help keep drivers and dispatchers up to date with driver status and compliance. Working with BlueArrow enables managers to maximize the benefits of ELD. Increased driver safety, and limit the number of fatalities on the road. Streamlined record of duty status (RODS) works to save you time and make things simple.


BlueArrow partners with Drivewyze to offer you and your organization the best ROI. Drivewyze is the nation’s largest weigh station bypass service, with over 800 sites in 47 states/provinces. Start saving on-duty time and money by bypassing weigh stations. Enhance safety with heads-up notifications alerting drivers when there is a weigh station coming up. Start your 60-day demo today and see just how much you could save.


Vnomics patented True Fuel technology focuses on driver behavior to optimize fuel efficiency. With over 80,000 drivers helped already, saving 200 million dollars on fuel, Vnomics has the experience you can trust. The combination of in-vehicle coaching and automated reporting helps you improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency. Take the next step to minimizing costs with Vnomics and BlueArrow.

Predictive Maintenance

Benefit today from the use of AI and integrated systems working together to analyze data. By capturing information from sensors and software to empower key discoveries about maintenance your fleet can save money. While predictive maintenance is at work, maintenance is only performed when it is required. More often than not this is before a failure is likely to occur keeping your trucks on the road.

  • Manage compliance of your fleet
  • Promote safety through rules, alerts, and driver coaching
  • Track engine hours, and PTO usage
  • Obtain driver scorecards for individual drivers
  • Receive insightful reports
  • Use the user-friendly dashboard
  • Oversee greenhouse gas emissions
  • Include IOX Add-Ons to fit your needs

Drivewyze Preclear

Make the most out of your bypass service. Read just how simple set-up and using Drivewyze can be.

Vnomics True Fuel

Active coaching and actionable data put you in control. Read more of what possibilities True Fuel has to offer.

Vnomics and Geotab Dashboard


Unlock the keys to saving time and money by bypassing weigh stations through PrePass.

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