University Solutions

Take the power of telematics and put it to use on your university’s campus.

Revolutionize your campus fleet

No two university campuses are exactly alike; with some having a foot into a sprawling urban city, some consuming a small college town, or some spread across various points. One similarity these campuses do share is the need for telematics to transform their fleet. BlueArrow offers comprehensive vehicle monitoring that goes far beyond traditional GPS. Partnering with us will help take your campus fleet to the next level. 

Promote a positive student experience

The most essential part of any university is its students. Paired with telematics students will be able to see accurate ETAs for campus buses and take advantage of real-time GPS tracking to view where their bus currently is located. Reduce risky driving with driver behavior surveying to keep everyone safe. This advanced riding experience will not only increase student satisfaction but lower complaints.

Adult driving car with data overlay

Optimize maintenance operations

BlueArrow telematics provides you with accurate vehicle health reports. By identifying potential engine or vehicle issues, you can better manage your fleet’s maintenance schedule. Receive direct engine notifications to help protect drivers and their riders. Quickly and efficiently diagnosing these problems you can dwindle downtime and improve profitability.

Enhance fleet efficiency

With data-driven insights, you can evaluate fleet performance, driver compliance, driving behaviors, idling time, and more. Analyze your findings to maximize productivity. A user-friendly dashboard and driver reports make it easy for you to initiate and supervise policies that will streamline your campus fleet. Uncover potential inefficiencies or opportunities that will aid in raising your bottom line.

Adult driving car with data overlay

Reduce Theft

Easily determine and locate stolen vehicles with GPS tracking. Advanced telematics helps you find your vehicles faster and in better condition.

Accident Reports

Gain detailed data on vehicle speed, trajectory, time, and location after accidents. Employ dashboard cameras for queries.

Minimize Insurance Cost

Telematics help keep your fleet more informed and safe, reducing the risk of accidents. Most insurance companies lower rates for using telematics.

Build a Sustainable Campus

Administer greenhouse gas emissions and curtail idling to create a better tomorrow. Continuous smog testing is also available.

Ready to streamline your fleet management?