VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service

Get insights into risky driving behaviors through advanced AI technology and continuously recording in-cab devices, right from the MyGeotab back office.

Advanced Video-Telematics

Paired with Geotab telematics, the VideoProtects® Video Event Management Service uses video-science and artificial intelligence to enhance your safety program. This unique solution offers continuous recording from driver- and road-facing cameras to provide valuable insight into risky driving behaviors.

Dual-Facing In-Cab Devices

VideoProtects is equipped with advanced dash camera technology to capture incidents from every angle. The AI processor identifies driving events like collisions, using a mobile device, taking eyes off the road, and other distracted driving behaviors.

Benefits of Using VideoProtects

  • Seamless integration with your MyGeotab account
  • Enhanced safety measures and lower risk of accidents and litigation
  • Drivers develop greater sense of responsibility and awareness
  • Less time spent monitoring for problematic driving behaviors
  • Near real-time driver coaching and communication
  • 24/7 access to Tier 1 customer support

Remote Driver Coaching Workflow

The VideoProtects remote coaching workflow enables fleet managers to quickly coach their drivers and modify their behaviors on the road. Scored video events can be pushed to a driver’s smart phone for real-time review and coaching.

VideoProtects in Action

See how the VideoProtects AI technology prevents accidents, eliminates dangerous driving behaviors, and reduces the risk of litigation.

Prevent distracted driving right from your computer