Fleet Management for Volvo

A telematics solution for Volvo vehicles on a unified platform.

Volvo Fleets

BlueArrow, Geotab, and Volvo have come together to offer Volvo clients a robust solution. This solution takes the rich, powerful data available from Volvo vehicles and pairs it with Geotab Drive, Geotab’s fleet management software. This combined solution ensures that you are getting the most out of your Volvo vehicle and partnership with BlueArrow. Gain access to activity reports, driver data, and fleet metrics for your Volvo fleet.

Pre-Installed Hardware

A major benefit of the partnership with Volvo is their vehicles come with a factory-installed telematics device. This saves required installation time and helps to keep money in your pocket. With the pre-installed device, you still get the wide range of data and metrics you would with any other telematics device. Activation is contactless and takes just a few minutes. To connect to MyGeotab, simply contact us with your vehicle VIN number at [email protected] to get started.

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Capabilities of Telematics Through Volvo

If you are thinking of making the switch to a Volvo fleet, there is no need to worry about a drop-off in information. With Volvo vehicles, you will still receive a plethora of key metrics to help manage and run your fleet. GPS tracking activity reports, driver behaviors, and more are still available to promote growth and savings amongst your organization. Get the tools that increase efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction with BlueArrow.

Consolidated Platform

Managers can easily supervise their Volvo fleet in MyGeotab. All driver and vehicle information is stored safely and conveniently in one place. Maintain compliance or track driver performance with just a couple of clicks. Personalize your solution with a multitude of Add-Ons available to you. Get the ideal solution for your Volvo fleet and easily direct it all from one user-friendly platform.


Help keep your drivers safe out on the road with a handful of safety options. Employ driver coaching and read through driver behavior reports to save lives.


Improve fuel consumption, lower idling times, and enhance overall performance. Begin to optimize your Volvo fleet with BlueArrow solutions.


Receive alerts when there is significant vehicle wear and tear. Obtain engine fault notifications to boost vehicle life and minimize time spent in maintenance.


Ensure that your information is secure with BlueArrow. With a top-of-the-line security system, you can sleep easy at night knowing your data is safe and secure.

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Volvo Truck Management

Receive a holistic view of the telematic potential with Volvo trucks. Read more about what Mack is doing for your IFTA, HOS, and DVIR.

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Volvo Uptime Services

Benefit from powerful insights through Volvo Uptime. Read how BlueArrow, Geotab, and Volvo are partnering together with Volvo Remote Diagnostics.

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Volvo ELD

Volvo has created a world-class ELD program. Read more what BlueArrow can do for your ELD platform with Volvo vehicles.

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