Waste and recycling fleet management

BlueArrow Telematics provides an industry-leading telematics platform designed to reduce fleet costs, achieve sustainability goals and improve driver safety.

Geotab Fleet Management Dashboard

Real-Time Insights for Innovative Fleets

Maximize efficiency and eliminate wasteful spending while ensuring customer satisfaction with BlueArrow Telematics. We have several partners that provide integrated solutions to help your organization achieve goals of sustainability and greater productivity.

Key Features

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Route optimization

Utilize BlueArrow’s fully customized platform to optimize routes and improve operational efficiencies of your fleet. The Return on Investment is immediate through reduced fuel, vehicle and labor costs!

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In-vehicle camera integration

BlueArrow partners with industry-leading dashcam manufacturers that stream video in real-time via mobile app or desktop.

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Reduce fuel costs

BlueArrow Fuel allows you to track fuel usage, fuel card fraud and idling patterns to drastically reduce fuel expenditures.

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