Winter Operations Fleet Management Solutions

Take on the elements with BlueArrow Telematics and discover how to make the roads a safe place for everyone.

Optimized to Tackle Even the Toughest of Winters

Salting and plowing roadways is an essential service delivered by local municipalities. Managing your winter maintenance operations efficiently will increase the ability to provide safe travel for the public while reducing your risk of collisions due to winter weather. By using real-time reporting on winter maintenance, roads and highways can be plowed and salted faster than ever before.

Key Features

The public Works platform offers a high level of reporting by actively tracking each vehicle in real-time. With active tracking, fleets are easily monitored. Municipalities can measure how much salt is being used and the effectiveness of the vehicle. With this data, fleets are easily able to manage operational cost as well as gauge their driver’s performance.

Advantages of Integrating with Geotab

By integrating your vehicle data directly from Geotab, fleets will see an advantage right off the bat. This data will allow for automated reporting to assist in compliance and billing. With this data, you will receive reporting on preventive maintenance as well as a route optimization tool to help with dispatching and mileage cost.

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