Revolutionize your fleet management with ZenduMaps through BlueArrow.

What is ZenduMaps?

ZenduMaps is a robust mapping platform for fleet management. Users are able to swiftly create and actualize public maps for vehicles, groups, or an entire fleet. These maps are shareable through links, so you keep vital personnel up-to-date. With GPS tracking as well as historical trip information, you can see the whole picture of your fleet. Managers may also track vehicle activity and set compliance rules for drivers.

Powerful Map-Builder

Unlock an impressive tool with ZenduMaps user-friendly map builder. Take on challenges and achieve goals with customizable features and data options. Personalize specifications such as vehicles affected, fleets influenced, zones, rules being tracked, routes, and much more. Expand your network with specialized maps you can easily add. With updates happening in real-time, you may make edits with ease.

Flexible Visualization

ZenduMaps offers public maps so that you can share key information with customers. Ideal for a variety of conditions such as winter operations or waste management. Benefit from precise data that showcases your plow locations, road services, and even how much salt was used. Administer how much and which features of your map are made available to the public. Take advantage of flexible map options for a more productive solution.

Dynamic Reporting

Gain rich, actionable insights through powerful reports. Gain complete control over what is made accessible to those inside or outside your organization.

Manage Compliance

Obtain a near-real-time understanding of compliance. Understand when and where your drivers have completed their tasks or when road events occur.

Custom Dashboard

Configure your personal dashboard to your exact needs. Place vital data front and center. Create graphs and rules to visualize your findings.

Monitor Trips

Follow your drivers on the live map. Oversee vehicle diagnostics and driver status. Select individual drips to attain a distinct view.


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