Fleet Maintenance

Stop being reactive, and start being proactive when it comes to your fleet maintenance.

Complete Vehicle Maintenance Control

Vehicle maintenance is an essential part of any fleet. Automation is the key to optimizing your fleet maintenance. When you partner with BlueArrow, you can easily uncover potential issues, prioritize repairs, and much more. With advanced diagnostics faults and integral engine data you gain a holistic view of your vehicles. Lower repair times and costs by focusing on proactive vehicle health.

Understand Wear and Tear

With thousands of miles and hours spent out on the road, vehicles in your fleet will pick up some wear and tear. Driver behavior such as harsh braking, cornering, and more add to the toll the vehicle takes.  With BlueArrow, you can understand and monitor the effects it has on your fleet. Get in the know and see what is truly going on with the vehicles in your fleet.

Proactive Engine Care

Regularly catch vehicle fault code notifications. Set up alerts to inform you on potential engine issues. With the early detection you can attend to these issues prior to the high repair costs and time spent off the road. With specific vehicle codes you can locate the issue with ease. Obtain the next level of fleet control and awareness with proactive engine maintenance.


Fleetio is a premier software to fit your fleet maintenance needs. Mobile reminders, due soon thresholds, and meter intervals are some of the versatile features to aid your organization. Maximize vehicle uptime with Fleetio’s predictive maintenance that learns with your vehicle to understand its usage. Take action today and contact us to see if Fleetio is right for you.

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Pitstop is taking the transportation industry by storm with its groundbreaking analytic platform. Their predictive technology allows them to catch and prevent engine issues before they happen. You can now save both time and money on those pesky, costly repairs. Pitstop’s leading algorithm uses machine learning, and artificial intelligence to ensure that you are getting the best out of your solution. Learn what Pitstop can do for you and read more below.

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Vehicle Maintenance Tools

Remote Diagnostics

Inventory Management

Reminders for Maintenance

Schedule Maintenance

Work Order Management

In-Depth Cost Reports

Maintenance in MyGeotab

Learn how to set up reminders for your fleet in MyGeotab. Through this video, learn how to schedule maintenance reminders for oil changes, tire rotations, and other automotive services.

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