Pharmaceutical Operations

Take advantage of abundant data insights to modernize and optimize your fleet.

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Drive More Sales with Real-time Visibility

It can be tricky to manage the distinctive needs of a pharmaceutical fleet. Pharmaceutical fleets can vary greatly; Some range great distances, while others make frequent stops. That’s why Geotab and BlueArrow have partnered to give you an easy-to-use telematics platform that also gives you unprecedented insight into how your fleet operates. Reduce your fuel and maintenance costs with reports on fuel use, speeding, and idling, as well as many other important metrics about your fleet.

Key Features

Driver Safety and Training

Detailed safety reports provide you insight into driver habits and give real-time feedback with the Geotab GO devices.

Personal Mode

Configurable privacy settings to only track during work hours, not all the time.

Predictive Maintenance

Big data insights help you avoid breakdowns and costly repairs in a high-stress fleet.

Do you know your cost of ignoring?

If your asset management strategy isn’t thorough enough, things you don’t know about could be costing you. The Fleet Savings Summary report allows you to identify new opportunities to save money that you may not have even known existed.

The BlueArrow Difference

BlueArrow’s committed and informed Success Team is ready to help you manage your pharmaceutical fleet. With Geotab’s industry-leading telematics innovations, you’ll never be in the dark. Take advantage of the following features to modernize your fleet.

  • Optimize routes, navigation, and dispatching
  • Get notified of any collisions with automatic detection
  • Driver safety scorecards with robust reporting
  • Integrations with electric vehicles
  • Advanced dashboard reports with a wealth of telematics data
  • BlueArrow Fuel Integration

BlueArrow Fuel

At BlueArrow Telematics, our unique partnership with Geotab allowed us to develop an in-house solution for fuel management. BlueArrow Fuel is our next step to providing you with the BlueArrow difference at all levels of fleet management. We’ve made use of Geotab’s easy data integration to provide you with a concise yet robust view of your fleet’s fuel usage. Schedule a demo today to see how BlueArrow Fuel can help reduce your fuel and maintenance costs.

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