Stop Distracted Driving for Your Employees

A simpler, smarter approach to fleet safety.

The LifeSaver Mobile Advantage

LifeSaver Mobile is a driver safety solution that prevents the occurrence of driver phone distraction and reduces the occurrence of speeding, 2 of the biggest risk factors for auto collisions.

Geotab + LifeSaver Mobile = Comprehensive Fleet Safety Program

How Our Technology Works

  • 100% software solution; no beacons or dongles to install 
in every vehicle
  • Over-the-air deployment; full deployment typically 
happens in less than 2 weeks
  • Proactive safety approach; it stops the problem before 
it starts, so there’s less coaching required
  • Lower cost of ownership; no expensive hardware to 
  • Works with any Mobile Device Management provider

Use Our Fleet Safety Program To:

Deploy to Your Drivers in Seconds

View Your Driver Performance

Identify Drivers Who Need Improvement

Why is Driver Safety so Important?

#1 Cause Of Auto Collisions
Insurance studies indicate that distracted driving is the #1 cause of vehicle collisions.

Company Brand & Reputation
Litigation and nuclear verdicts in excess of $10 million are becoming more common.

Transportation Is Riskiest
Nearly 40% of workplace-related fatalities involved transportation incidents.

Fleet Insurance Has Become Unaffordable
Lowering claims will improve your fleet’s risk management and insurance risk profile.

Ready to stop your employees from distracted driving?