Stop Distracted Driving for Your Employees

A simpler, smarter approach to fleet safety.

The LifeSaver Mobile Advantage

LifeSaver Mobile is a driver safety solution that prevents the occurrence of driver phone distraction and reduces the occurrence of speeding, 2 of the biggest risk factors for auto collisions.

Geotab + LifeSaver Mobile = Comprehensive Fleet Safety Program

How Our Technology Works

  • 100% software solution; no beacons or dongles to install 
in every vehicle
  • Over-the-air deployment; full deployment typically 
happens in less than 2 weeks
  • Proactive safety approach; it stops the problem before 
it starts, so there’s less coaching required
  • Lower cost of ownership; no expensive hardware to 
  • Works with any Mobile Device Management provider

Why is Driver Safety so Important?

Deploy to Your Drivers in Seconds

View Your Driver Performance

Identify Drivers Who Need Improvement

Why is Driver Safety so Important?

#1 Cause Of Auto Collisions
Insurance studies indicate that distracted driving is the #1 cause of vehicle collisions.

Company Brand & Reputation
Litigation and nuclear verdicts in excess of $10 million are becoming more common.

Transportation Is Riskiest
Nearly 40% of workplace-related fatalities involved transportation incidents.

Fleet Insurance Has Become Unaffordable
Lowering claims will improve your fleet’s risk management and insurance risk profile.

Ready to stop your employees from distracted driving?