In-Vehicle Cameras

Uncover new ways to monitor driver behavior with In-Vehicle Cameras and AI, and how they can improve the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your fleet.

Protect Your Vehicles and Workforce with In-Vehicle Cameras

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were over 4,800 fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses in 2017, an increased number from the previous year. This alone provides ample evidence as to why video telematics is such vital data to track.

With the use of our easy to install and use In-Vehicle Cameras, you will be able to capture crystal clear videos inside and outside the vehicle. You will have access to built-in GPS for a more precise driving route, vehicle speed, event location, and direction. Cameras also give you the ability to view live location, real-time images, and on-demand HD video upload with 4G or 5G cellular connectivity. Watch live video playback, view trip and map information, and share videos.

How Do Video Telematics Work?

Video telematics uses a combination of vehicle data and driving data to produce context around any footage of an event all while sending the video evidence to your cellular network in real-time.

Adult driving car with data overlay

AI Technology

 Artificial Intelligence uses harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, and harsh braking events to help fleets avoid possible collisions. With AI, unsafe driving behaviors like drowsiness and distracted driving can be monitored and customized to send alerts in the event of a fault.

Benefits of In-Vehicle Cameras

  • Respond quickly and effectively to events with an appropriate response based on actual event footage sent to your email or live real-time playback.
  • Manage your recordings and protect yourself from insurance fraud, false claims, and conflicting reports of events with unlimited cloud storage.
  • Crisp HD video of drivers and the road ahead.
  • Video clips are automatically uploaded to the cloud for instant access and stored for 30 days.
  • Play and retrieve footage captured on the SD card at any time from your online dashboard.
  • Securely share video footage inside and outside the network with a URL link for simple collaboration.
  • BlueArrow’s dashcam identifies sudden acceleration, sharp turns, and harsh braking to help fleets avoid preventable collisions.
  • Artificial intelligence and computer vision detect distracted, drowsy, and unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Empower fleet managers and drivers to correct risky driving behaviors in the moment with audio alerts and warnings before the video gets triggered.

Risk Management Advantages

Benefits include, but are not limited to, having the ability to receive immediate notifications in the situation of an event, allowing remote access to video footage, vehicle tracking and monitoring to reduce the risk of collisions, and more! As telematics grows and you begin to utilize video monitoring, most companies will see an immediate R.O.I. as well as increased fuel efficiency, safety, and overall productivity of their fleet.

Importance of In-Vehicle Cameras

BlueArrow’s Melvin McNeill discusses the importance of having in-vehicle cameras in your fleet.

In-Vehicle Camera Solutions

SS Dual Vision Camera

The camera that captures the drive and driver behavior in real-time. Powered by AI and Computer Vision, Surfsight automatically detects and alerts distracted driver behavior and harsh driving incidents in real-time, addressing the leading causes of preventable accidents; equipped with high definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras.

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